Our Trailers
Boat Trailer


For 20' boats


Fully Hot Dipped Galvanised 
Open ended chassis rails and vented cross members for washing out trailer 
Single or Fully oscillating Tandem 
Spring Suspension 
Marine Sealed Hubs
8 ply truck tyres on Galvanised Rims 
Heavy Duty Mudguards with mudflaps
Multi Roller Configuration 
Rubber Lead Roller
Rubber Snub Block 
Submersible LED Lights 
Wind-up Jockey Wheel on Drawbar

A20 – 6.5-6.7m/21.0-22.0’ Boats
Adjustable Bowstand
10:1 Winch & Wire 
Lead roller, 3 Pair dual wobble rollers, with
• 1500 kg GVM Rated Single Axle, 185 x 14” Wheels, or
• 2000 kg GVM Rated Single Axle, Bowstring chassis, 205 x 14” Wheels, or
• Up to 2500kg GVM Rated, Fully oscillating Tandem Axle, 165 x 13” Wheels 

Optional Extras

Registration & WOF 
Guide Poles c/w polyglide no lights – galvanised 
Hydraulic Override Disc Brakes (one axle)
• Cast Iron / Rubber Hoses - 2000kg GVM / Other ratings 
• SS Hoses & Callipers  - 2000kg GVM / Other ratings 
• Upgrade to SS Calipers only
• Upgrade to SS Rotors only
Hydraulic Override Disc Brakes (both axles)
• Cast Iron / Rubber Hoses 
• SS Hoses & Callipers 
• Upgrade to SS Calipers only
• Upgrade to SS Rotors only 
Duratorque suspension 

Images may show some optional extras