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The Reid Hi-sided Box Trailer is manufactured on site in our Albany factory using NZ/Aust Hi-tensile steel and NZ components.

Reid Hi-sided Box trailers are tough and reliable, but this doesn’t mean excessive weight – just good design. They are geometrically correct for Stable Towing and Reversing.

The Reid Hi-sided Box Trailer is built to last. Our Box Trailers are proven trailers used by many satisfied customers. We have several trailers in the 35-49 year age bracket still coming in for regular servicing. Second-hand Reid Trailers are sought after and hold their value very well.


Welded and hot-dip galvanised chassis
1 7/8” coupling
1250kg GVM rated
Single axle
Marine sealed hubs
3mm Steel plate mudguards suitable for standing on
Non-slip open-toe mudguard deflector Steps/Tie rails
Fitted with mudflaps
8 ply Tyres on galvanised 5 Stud Rims
Tie hooks around chassis
430mm sides
Square Corner Posts to allow fitment of accessories (e.g. cages, H frames, motorbike front wheel brackets)
12mm Transtex Decking 
Lights, wiring & plug to NZ standards incl. side markers where reqd - LED multivolt
Protected Lights – Light Box recessed at rear and no wider than deck for easier manoeuverability


  • 7 x 4 (2130 x 1230)
  • 8 x 4 (2440 x 1230)
  • 8 x 5 (2440 x 1530)

Optional Extras

Registration & WOF
50mm Coupling
Unbraked Autofit Coupling
Tow Ball fitting on drawbar for bike rack
Coupling Lock
Rotational moulded Tool box mounted on Drawbar 
Tilting Deck
Longer/Extendible Drawbar
Up rated springs 
Override hydraulic disc brakes on one or both axles
Side markers for braked 5' trailers 
Braked Autofit coupling 
Upgrade from 13” to 14” wheels 
Alloy Wheels 
Spare Wheel: 13” or 14” 
Spare Wheel Bracket
Full length tie rails 
Chained tailgate 
Jockey Wheel on drawbar: Light Duty/Single Solid/Double Nylon
Cages, Ladder/Kayak/Dingy racks, Rubbish Crate, Stock/Animal Crate, Covers – Refer to Cages, Covers and Racks